Monday, September 28, 2009

Renewal for Life...Ya in?

Our congregation recently joined Renewal for Life as part of Lutherans for Life (LFL). Renewal for life is an initiative to place the responsiblities of LFL away from "grass root" to the pastor and an advocate. The focus is simple: Each congregation is involved with the pastor being the main proclaimer and they also have an advocate who would be the researcher/go to person. E.g. Heath Care Reform. The pastor doesn't really have time to do major research, but an advocate looks up all the information. Then gives the information to the pastor, who proclaims faithfully to the Word. The headquarters of LFL still functions the same: Bringing resources on life to the congregations. Yet, the chapters, meetings, federations, etc, will kind of go by the wayside. It is the local congregation doing ministry and being on the front lines.
Funny, would be this a good idea for our Synod and our view of the districts and headquarters? Are the congregations on the frontlines? Who should do the research and programming? Should we look for more control from up top? Or more congregational based work? Then the district and headquarters would be more about ecclesiastical supervision and support? Something to think about.

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