Monday, September 14, 2009

The Gospel in The Tale of Despereaux

I love it when I hear a great gospel message in a cartoon. In the very good cartoon, Tale of Despereaux the gospel was made crystal clear. To make it short, the comment was made that the "rat" had discovered the most power emotion-Despair. Specifically, despair over the losing a loved one. Despair can cause us to do many terrible things (kill, abuse, hurt). Then later in the movie the rat discovered an even stronger emotion-"forgiveness." The rat forgave the princess that had done something evil to him and forgiveness prevails.

This is totally what the Law and Gospel does. The Law causes despair when actually see what we are. The Gospel, however, is a stronger emotion because that is what brings forgiveness. It releases the pain of burden and despair. And brings a comfort that nothing else does. Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ.

I love seeing God at work through secular TV!

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