Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Gospel according to Phoebe.

"I don't eat anything with a face. I believe that whatever people want to believe in is o.k. I'm a flake!" These are all quotes from the free spirit of the Friends group, Phoebe Buffay. She was many things throughout her life, mugger, aspiring guitarist, animal rights activist, bike rider, massage therapist, believer in many gods, environmentalist, and surrogate mother for her brother. Overall, she was all things for all people. Does this mean she is a mini-Paul for the sake of the Gospel? Probably not.

Phoebe's gospel is summed up very simply...whatever you do or believe in is o.k. She was notorious for believing in crazy things. Like her mother's spirit was in her cat, she was possessed by the spirit of an 82 year old woman, and she was open to any and every lifestyle under the sun.

Phoebe symbolized a big trend in our society and was an obvious influence on young people. The person who accepts the most things, as long as people are happy, is the most open minded, loving person. However, she was obviously against any kind of conservative feelings towards anything (even though none of them had any conservative thoughts whatsoever). What was most interesting is that while people who are so-called open minded hear of someone who is "conservative", they instantly become close minded and do not accept that view.

Phoebe was funny, exciting, and at the very least admitted that she was flaky. However, her "anything goes" mentality unfortunately has fed our culture to accept anything just as long as people feel good. Otherwise known as "Gnosticism."

This ends our analysis of each friends character and their gospel. Tomorrow we will cover the overall Gospel of friends and the true Gospel of the Christian faith. I am open to any comments or analysis on this series and maybe future topics.

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