Monday, September 7, 2009

The Gospel According to Joey..

"How you doing?" Joey Tribbiani would recite each time he saw a good looking gal on the hit show "Friends." Joey had a unique role in the show as an aspiring actor, womanizer, indulger of all foods, and the village idiot. He was quoted as being the typical actor: oversexed, undereducated, and constantly looking for work.

Joey's Gospel was simple: The more women you meet and sleep with each week the better. One show he got done eating with a smokin' hot woman and said, "You want to come to my place?" She said, "I will if you remember my name?" He replied, "Have a good night!" He didn't need to know their name, he didn't need to remember anything about them, he just needed to get the deed done and look for the next job. At the same time, he was the village idiot, resembling a male version of a "ditz." He did not take the role of being a man serious. More less, he was a child with chest hair.

How did this help shape our culture? It increased the idea of sexuality being about personal pleasure and not a gift to share with ones spouse. His behavior desentitized our culture to see sex outside of marriage to be not that bad. Also, it continued the spiral of making men into idiots. Men are told that they do not need to love women as Christ loves the church and to treat each one as a precious gift from God. This show has shaped many men in our culture to be idiots, low on work, and oversexed. We have much to do to prove otherwise. I believe that Joey was the most beloved of the Friends males, however, probably the worst for today's men.

Lord have mercy as we recover from the Joey effect.

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firemom71 said...

AMEN...and we wonder why these young men have so few good role models to look to. It's unfortunate and hopefully other men in public roles will understand this and step up to that challenge of walking the walk.