Friday, September 18, 2009

Connecting to the Word...let's get everyone in the Word at home

Starting this Sunday, September 20 until May 16, we are beginning a Bible reading emphasis to get people in the Word at home. It is a four year program, begins in September and ends in May each year. As I was bored at the District Convention the head elder and myself talked about some things that were needed at our congregation. One idea we had was an in-home Bible emphasis due to many people never warming the chair in our numerous Bible studies. So from that we are attempting to get everyone build up their meditation on God's Word.

The plan is simple. Members sign up to be part of the emphasis, they receive a binder that gives a reading plan, questions over each section to read, and they are assigned a mentor that will call occasionally to see if they can help. Mainly, it is done AT HOME (what a crazy thought!).

The four year plan goes as follows:

Year 1-52 very important chapters of the Bible.
Year 2-New Testament
Year 3-Old Testament
Year 4-Whole Bible

We pray that God will guide us in this emphasis and the Holy Spirit will work in the lives of His people.

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