Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fecal Eclair and the modern Christian life

There is no better taste in the world. You wake up, your wife has boughten you a rich, chocolate frosting, custard filled elcair. You bite into it and it feels like you could eat it ALL day. By the time you finish this exquisite delicacy, you are left wanting more. But what if this was not filled with custard, but fecal matter. Many of us might eat half of it before we realize it. The outside is lucious and tasty, but inside we are basically poisoning ourselves and will not stop until it is too late. We are sick and probably need some extra help (physically and mentally).

In 2 Timothy 3, Paul reminds Timothy that there will be a day that people will be lover of pleasure rather than God. What really is happening is that people are seeing the pleasures of life as a beautiful, lucious eclair. An example is a young couple who decides to begin dating. They date for a while, then they decide to live together for "convenience" sake, become one flesh. Then they get married. Sound great right? However, what it really is going on is a worldly eclair with fecal matter within. Inside in the eclair is the darkness of a sin against God. Future problems, insecurities, higher rate of divorce, more problems, and more than likely, eventual divorce. This is an example that can also be used with universalist thoughts of salvation, drug use, divorce, and lower the role of men in society and church. They all seem like the "new thing" in our world, but we are devouring the fecal matter and do not realize the problem until it is too late. We have higher rates of divorce, more depression, addictions, damnation to hell, and laxity in our world.

May we look to the Word as our guide. Inwardly digesting what He demands, encourages, and ultimately His grace. All the while showing those who have eaten or eating of the fecal matter, receive the precious word of forgiveness and the true substance of salvation through Christ alone.

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