Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Gospel according to Chandler.

"Could this be any more...?" Chandler Bing would always quote before any given humorous line while living in apartment #19 in New York City. Chandler was known to be the successful business man, struggling to connect with women, and the only one of the Friends characters that seemed to have some morals (no children out of wedlock, no divorces, wasn't oversexed, adopted two children, and was the voice of reason among the group).
Chandler's gospel was also simple..."be funny." One episode his wife Monica told Chandler of a funny guy at her work and that he was the "funniest" guy she had ever met. This crushed Chandler to the point of despair and a desperate attempt of proving himself as the funniest man in Monica's world. He always tried to have famous one liners and most of the time he was funny. However, he will be known not for his success in business, his love for his wife and children, or the voice of reason, but as the "funny man."
I would argue that Chandler's affect on culture points to men being good for nothing unless they are funny. It does not matter if they provide, have morals, or love their wives, what matters if humor. Thus, men go on a rampage trying to prove their humor and dismiss other important aspects of manhood. Chandler was the best role model for men on Friends, yet he is a far cry from God's calling for all men (Ephesians 5:22-33).
Tomorrow we hear of Ross' gospel of love in all the wrong places.

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