Friday, September 11, 2009

The Gospel according to Monica

"I organize my towels in 11 sections. Every day towels, fancy towels, guest towels, colored towels and I label my dishes" This was Monica describing how she is very organized in ALL parts of life. Monica was known to be the mother hen of all friends. Most of the show was pictured in her apartment and she always had some kind of food ready to be served. She helped Rachel go from a spoiled daddy's girl to an independant person, she organized many gatherings for the "Friends" on important holidays, and was a prominent cook in New York City.

The gospel according to Monica was simple...the more organized the better the life. She was known to be a nazi on many things (organizing, cleaning, ways of dressing, etc). However, not everything seems to be as good as one would think. In one show, her new husband Chandler opened the door to a room that had never been opened and inside was a "disorganized mess." She was crushed that people knew and everyone was comforted because of her coming back to earth. Perhaps we all have a closet that reveals our sinfulness that brings us back to earth and shows our need for something more!

Monica's biggest impact on our culture has nothing to do with her gospel or her mother men mentality. Her impact was in the first five minutes of the show. The show had her going out of her bedroom and trying to figure out ways to get the guy she had just slept with out of the apartment ASAP. This was a huge change in modern television. To that point, it had only been men who tried to leave the room after a one night stand, but now women had the chance to do it also. This increased the idea that sex was a fun activity that one can do with someone without any consequences (no diseases, no mental anguish, no pregnancy, no problems at all).

Once again, this has changed our young people and we have a long uphill road to effectively unteach was TV has taught us.

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