Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Baptismal life and stewardship

The dreaded time is coming for many congregations throughout the country, "Stewardship Sunday." Why is it so dreaded? Money. The word that we talk about all the time when discussing our home value, retirement accounts, and savings at a store, we tense up when our churches present that money might be part of our Christian life. On top of that, the congregation brings up next year's budget. Man, what a disaster. The common response is to NEVER do an annual pledge again and the congregation goes deeper and deeper into financial worries that consumes the congregation and proclamation is lost.

So what are we to do? Keep it simple. Remind everyone of one simple fact, "Everything comes from God." Focus on Bible study, saved by grace, and giving by the heart and not budgets. Our giving in essence proves our faith, if we do not grow in the grace of giving, what does that say about our faith. Not to say it gives faith or salvation, but we have faith why would we not give?

This month our congregation begins our Consecrated Stewards emphasis from LCEF. We were greatly blessed last year. Our prayer is that people grow in the grace of giving and the faithful Gospel ministry continues. May we all repent of our focus of ourselves and look to our Lord.

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