Sunday, September 20, 2009

Killing and making alive or obedience?

I was reading a confession and absolution rite from another Lutheran church. We all make mistakes and I realize that some of my statements are probably not always orthodox, so I say this with my own sinfulness on the table. But their confession statement said something along these lines, "our prayer life is not what it should be, we could do better, and want to do better."

The issue is not that we deny any sinfulness, but the problem arises when we do not say words that indicate a disease of sin. Words like, unclean, miserable sinner, etc, exemplify this kind of original sin that we can free ourselves from.

The worst part was the absolution piece. They said this, "On the cross Jesus died for us and He will help us prayer better." Hmmmm...not sure if this is killing and making alive (Romans 6) or trying to get us to obedience. The problem with obedience is that we will never pray enough, we need that full killing and full rising.

I say this not to rip on others, but to make sure that if we write parts of the liturgy (which does not need to be often), we MUST make sure that there is a killing aspect and a full forgiveness. That is hard work. This would be why using the older liturgies might not always be that bad. But if one does, they have a HUGE task in front of them.

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