Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Luca era Gay-Italian singer tells a side of homosexuality..

I received an email concerning an Italian song named, "Luca was gay" by Giuseppe Povia. He wrote this song according to his own experiences in the gay lifestyle and also from friends. It portrays a young man that was disconnected to men and "manliness" that was looking for a father. In the end he was healed by a woman that he became engaged too.

This song is in the midst of a European hub of liberalism and acceptance of the gay lifestyle. Povia received death threats, hate mail, and much criticism for his song. It brought to light the true thoughts of the gay agenda and how unloving the other side can be. As Christians, we need to make sure our hearts are in the right place when dealing with those who accept homosexuality. Not to proclaim hatred, but love and care.

There is much we can do in the church that the Lord is leading us towards. check out the video of this powerful song.

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