Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Friends gospel and THE GOSPEL

The past week I have evaluated the "gospel" according to the hit sitcom, Friends. I must admit, I have been quite harsh on each character and the overall message of the show. The show, although promoting anti-Christian values and ideas, was much better than most of what we see today. It was symbolic of the Generation X generation that focuses on small group relationships and stick by each other throughout anything. That is not a bad thing.
The ironic thing about this week is that I focused on the gospels of each charactter, however, none of them had the Gospel right. All of their gospels were man-centered. What they did to receive joy or feelings of contentment. This is how most of our society defines gospel (good news). What I do in order to receive joy (thank you Joel Osteen). Also known as LAW!
Yet, the Christian Gospel is much different. It is the good news that someone else does the work for us to have joy. Not in a new age value system, but in a death and resurrection. Depending on God to do the work, not our imperfect "Friends", but our perfect God hanging on the cross. May that be our Gospel as we face the "gospels" that intervene in our daily vocations.

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