Thursday, September 17, 2009

International House of Prayer and the Lutheran Church?

Alright, I just listened to Issues, Etc concerning the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, MO ( IHOP has had an active prayer room for over 10 years (24/7). People come in and pray at all hours of the day and their hope is that they will usher in the 2nd coming of Christ due to this prayer. In essence we can gang up on God to make things happen! We do not agree with this view of prayer or the second coming.

Yet, I just heard Dr. John Kleinig discuss prayer in Wisconsin. His presentation was titled, The Gift of Prayer. Using Luke 11, he described how each one of us are ambassadors for God to bring people in need to the feet of Jesus. He presents us with people in need, but doesn't say "you take care of them", but says in prayer He provides for the needs of others and also gives us the Holy Spirit (v.13). What a great presentation and it has led me to much repentance due to my sometimes low view of prayer. I have never thought that prayer didn't matter, but I also never heard a Lutheran really talk about it extensively. So all my info was from guys like Mike Bickel and IHOP. Hard to see prayer as real Lutheran after that!

Here is a proposal that I will engage for a few days. What if a Lutheran church were to have a prayer room 24/7? It would not be for the sake of ushering in a new kingdom, not as a form of "spiritual" renewal, or a Baptism of the Holy Spirit, it would simply be to bring people to the feet of Jesus due to needs, lack of belief, separation from the church, etc. Maybe 24 hours straight of compline, matins, evening prayer, vespers, or morning prayer. Once again, not for the sake of ganging up on God, but for the sake of bringing people and needs to the feet of Jesus.

Just a thought for the day. Let me know if you have any information on prayer rooms in the Lutheran church. Especially ones that are not crazy! :-)

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