Thursday, December 17, 2009

Vintage Missional Church

What does a missional church look like? For the last 20 years, "missional" has become a buzz word for many big churches, many of which don't actually do mission, they do programs. Basically, if the church is big, therefore, they do mission.
Yet, I have seen many churches that are huge, but are not engaged in proclaiming faith, little mercy ministries, doesn't know the culture around them but has created its own subculture and few people actually know each other. Doesn't seem real missional to me.
So what does it mean to be missional? Mark Driscoll attempts to answer this question and I thought he does a good biblcal analysis.
A Missional church is:
1) Biblical-believes in the inerrant Scriptures
2) Practices and preaches repentance-bring the law
3) Goes into culture-knows the community and engages it
4) Contextualizes the Gospel-brings Jesus to people
5) Loves singles AND couples
6) Trains Christians as missionaries-each person a witness to their surroundings
7) Supernatural-they expect miracles
8) Countercultural-Lives by Scripture and not culture
9) Multiplies-more churches and groups
10) Messy-a bunch of sinners
A very thorough, contemporary view of missional. What would it look like for a good Lutheran? I will cover that tomorrow.

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