Monday, December 7, 2009

Knocked up and pro-life

Wait a second, "Knocked up" with a pro-life message? If you saw this particular movie, you would probably be shocked that I would highlight such a flick. The movie promotes sexual immorality, idiotic men, drug use, and has very colorful language. However, it uplifts a strikingly pro-life, family oriented message. Ironic isn't it?
The basic premise is between two people: The unmotivated guy Ben Stone (Seth Rogen) and the professional woman, Alison Scott(Katherine Heigl) have a night of weakness, get their freak on without "protection" and find out she is pregnant. She is tempted by her mother and other friends to get an abortion but he adamently proclaims that this child is a human being (Wow). From there she shows an unfounded commitment to a guy with no job, no life, and little motivation. It is never revealed what happens to their relationship, but he eventually gets a job, takes his responsibility serious, and they stick together.
In the 80's the scenario would have been much different, probably having the woman give up on the guy, have the kid herself and find a cure for cancer. Or just get an abortion and become President. But this movie along with others doesn't allow abortion to enter the scenario and it is the younger people who fend off the older generation. This is a complete overhaul to the baby boomers who went in the "liberal" direction of their parents.
What this means is that while we have a MAJOR issue of healthy family relationships, promotion of drug use, and weird models of manly men, the pro-life message is prominent and strangely popular. This shows us good things to come, but also shows that much work must be done.
Lord have mercy