Sunday, December 6, 2009

Pro-life movies infriltrating Hollywood? Intentional or not?-Bella

There appears to be a modern phenomenon in Hollywood that I don't think anyone ever predicted: A Pro-life message. Over the last three years many movies I have watched have bring a message that life is important, especially for children. This is a HUGE impact for the next generation. In the past movies such as "Fast Times at Ridgemount Times", "Dirty Dancing", and "Cider House Rules" and shows like the "Real World" showed abortion as a healthy alternative and in many ways the best option for EVERYONE.

The movie that has the BEST pro-life message of all movies and it very well made is called, "BELLA." Bella takes place in New York City in a Mexican Restaurant. The cook, Jose (Eduardo Verastegui) witnesses a co-worker, Nina (Tammy Blanchard) get fired and has compassion and wants to help. It was revealed to Jose that she was pregnant. It is never revealed who is the father, but the rest of the movie shows Jose's history (which is tough to watch as a parent) and his attempt to help her through the decision. The movie is greatly pro-life and the ending will tug at your heart strings. I highly suggest it for everyone.

It has been highly publicized since bella won a plethora of awards that the producers and writers were of the Roman Catholic faith. Their goal was to write and produce a high quality movie with a pro-life message. Since this movie it has become evident in our society that the pro-life message is quite popular, especially with young people. Following bella have been a number of popular movies that has an obvious pro-life message. I will highlight the following movies this week: Finding Nemo, Knocked up, Juno, and Defiance. Let me know if you have other ideas of pro-life movies.

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