Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A baptismal repentance...

It is with a humble and contrite heart that I come with bended knee. The last month or so I have been on a rampage of discussing movies and their input on our culture and even some discussion of how a Christian can discern these movies. In the middle of these things, I have forgotten much of what my goal is to have this blog-the daily baptismal life and God's grace. While I am evaluating movies and TV shows, people are worrying about their jobs, raising families, and have family members who are suffering with disease. My passion tends to get out of control on addressing cultural trends and not doing my calling: Jesus guy. This I repent over and pray for your forgiveness.

This week I Am going to finish my piece on the pro-life message in many current movies. From there, I will work on proclaiming Christ and addressing it to today's world.

Lord have mercy

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