Monday, December 28, 2009

On the road again...but why?

Yesterday morning our family traveled from North Prairie, WI all the way to Alexandria, MN. It was around a 9 hour trip in a van that is strikingly smalll with three small kids and enough packaging to last a few weeks. There were threats of snow, the parents were tired, the kids wanted to move, dad just got done with the busiest time of year in ministry, and we arrived around 8:00 p.m. to grandma and grandpa's house just in time for bed and time for around 40 hours of being in one place. Talk about stressful and in many ways crazy.
So why do we do this? Why drive such a long time with children for such a short time period? 30 years ago nobody would be driving this far with small children (at least that is what everyone tells us).
It is simple: vocatio (vocation). When I was born God gave me a family that would always be my family, we don't choose our families, God does. A family made to love me when I was unlovable, take care of me when helpless, and to instruct me in the ways of the Lord. On top of that when my wife entered our family, she became part of this same vocatio. In the same way, I am called to love them in the same way and God in his wisdom brings that natural love through the ups and downs of life. We get together out of love for one another and the love God has for us. Plus, let's be serious, grandma and grandpa want to be their grandchildren.
May we all enjoy our time together in the God given vocation of family and realize that even though there might be tough times, God still has brought us as families together by His grace

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