Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Juno and Pro-life

When my wife and I saw Juno we were impressed with its humor, array of actors (Jennifer Gardner and Jason Bateman) and it's filming in the great state of Minnesota.

Juno highlights some very disturbing themes. It promotes pre-marital/casual sex, dysfunctional families, and allowing adoptions to a family without a husband/wife. These things are a major problem in our society today and must be addressed in a merciful and serious ways. When I speak of these problems, I am not endorsing these values and neither am I suggesting that everyone should watch this movie.

However, there is a distinctively pro-life message. It is simple: girl and boy have casual sex, girl gets pregnant. She is about to have an abortion a girl outside the clinic says, "Your baby has finger nails" and she leaves the clinic because she realizes it is a person. She puts the child up for adoption and her and the father stick together in love.

This shows us an opportunity and the place where there needs to be work. Today's movies and shows uplift life (Psalm 139, Jeremiah 1:5), however, they do not support sexual morality put into place in creation (Genesis 2:24). Will we have to fight the abortion debate as much as in the past, I would argue no. But our new problem will be things like sexuality and family dynamics (both of which are much larger than abortion by itself).

Tomorrow I will end with Finding Nemo and ways that we can promote the pro-life message and take on the new problems that God is calling us to address.

Lord have mercy

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