Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Struggling up the hill...

It begins. The snow is falling in Minnesota and Wisconsin conveniently right before Christmas. Ever wonder, "God what are you doing? This is the night that many inactives come to church, why send this snow?" But it isn't up to us, God is leading by His grace.

Tonight my wife and I went out, even with all the snow, and found it interesting on the way home witnessing a small pizza delivery truck attempting to go up a hill with rear wheel drive. He tried everything: going in circles, having someone push, etc, but to no avail. Either the pizza was not delivered or they had to change vehicles.

This Christmas may this remind us of our lives as sinful human beings. We are trying to make it up the hill to salvation constantly, if not to find salvation to find acceptance in our world. But the more we try (works, help, love, etc), the worse it gets and to no avail. The only chance to be delivered from this work is for someone to pick us up and do the work for us. This the work our Lord has done for us on the cross and He is the one who carries us through everything as we struggle up the hill of life.

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