Thursday, December 10, 2009

Got a worship problem?

"I don't go to church, but I'm tight with God." A person recently told me. By whose standards I asked, "My own." "How do you know you are right?" I responded. "How do you know you are right?" they asked, "By the Bible!" I said with an awe of silence following.

How many people look upon the church this way. The church doesn't seem to be a worship place for many people, it is a place to get what they want. If it isn't what they want, it isn't really worship.

I think today's problem isn't a church problem, it is a worship problem. And most people are worshiping everything under the sun rather than God. A couple lives together before marriage, they are worshiping each other. A family that allows the sports season to dictate their attendance, worships sports. A person who shows horses on the weekends and never goes to church, worships the horse. And the pastor who gets more excited about drinking Dr. Pepper than reading the Bible, worships Dr. Pepper.

No wonder God places the 1st commandment with the big ball buster, "You shall have no other gods." What do you worship right now? Don't try to explain away your worship habits, don't justify them, come to the cross, repent, and receive God's forgiveness and sin no more. No more excuses. Who are you gonna worship? May it be the lordship of Christ!

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