Friday, December 4, 2009

Adam Sandler, Family, and where do we go from here?

Today wraps up my discussion on Adam Sandler and his "twist" to family oriented films. Other films such as Bedtime Stories, Splanglish, and Mr. Deeds bring to light other highlights of pointing to the importance of family and it is no doubt it emulates his own life as a husband and father.
I highlighted Adam Sandler this week to indicate a general trend of "morals" in movies. What is different than the 1950's model of "morals" is that everything surrounding the moral behavior is a bizarre twist of immoral stuff.
Adam Sandler's movies point us to a better family time, but it does not address the problem of language, sexual immorality, and addiction. This is kind of the plea for many of today's writers. Bring a main moral point, while making everything else look like the good immoral movies of the 80's and 90's.
What I think is missing from Adam Sandler's movies is two fold: 1) The call of purity of men and women outside of marriage, and 2) The call of the man to be the religious head of the household. Neither of which I believe I will ever see in my lifetime. So that is something we need to show in our churches and our homes or else our families and children will follow much of the bad stuff from these movies.
This next week I will highlight how today's movies point to a pro-life stance, even with other theological and morality issues. Can't wait

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