Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Adam Sandler, family, and Chuck and Larry?

Alright before anyone thinks I am crazy and losing my theological touch, I am going to discuss family and "I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry", but I once again tell everyone that I am NOT saying I agree with the uplifting of homosexual marriage, the womanizing that Adam Sandler is part of, or the downgrading of Christianity.
The movie portrays two men on the NYFD, Chuck (Adam Sandler) and Larry (Kevin James). Larry has two children and had lost his wife in the no so distant past. He was having a tough time paying the bills for his kids and keeping things afloat. So they had a brilliant idea-"Domestic Partnerships." If they claimed to be gay they could receive benefits and just have to live together!
Throughout the movie it was a battle of Chuck and Larry trying to "act" gay, but not be gay. They also became part of another group of gay people that they realized were nice people and cared about them. And realized the people who denied their friendship, maybe weren't the best of friends.
How I see this relating to family and uplifting the family structure is that both of these men understood that gay marriage was in essence wrong. But Larry wanted to provide so badly for his family that he was willing to do whatever it took. And his friend Chuck, loved Larry's kids so much that he was willing to do that also. It reminds me of the sacrifices we all have to make as parents. Sometimes we need to give up our dreams because it isn't in the cards. Sometimes we have to get up late at night, change diapers, deal with loud noises all the time, because of the Godly vocation given as parents. And as a friend of others, we are called to uplift them as parents to help in any way we can.
Do I suggest anyone watch this movie? Probably not. But it has some gems to look at for our own lives in God's kindom.

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