Wednesday, December 30, 2009

HDTV and my sin

Today my in-laws got a new TV with High Definition. What a marvel of modern technology. Now movies that seemed to have a gloss are crystal clear and you can now see the pimple on Brett Favre's face when he throws a touchdown (or recently, fumbles!!).
While basking in its glory a friend said, "It is almost too clear, we can now see everyone's imperfections." My friend was right. One of the appealing aspects of television is that you enter a surreal world where everyone is good looking and their problems only come out on Entertainment. But when you have HD you can see how long they had to work at getting ready for work (make-up, hair spray, lighting, etc) and realize that they are just people!
I think many of our churches need a touch of HD on Sunday morning. We come to church with our best clothing, hair all done, and the custom answer, "good", when someone asks how we are. However, we are far from well. We all have hidden sins, much on each of our plates, and we usually don't let out our real feelings in a fear of being a burden on others. In all reality, we are all a mess (Romans 3:23).
Although we in our world don't see all the mess, God sees in HD and knows our sins and imperfections. He probably wishes He didn't have that kind of vision. Yet, when he does see that mess in faith in Jesus, Christ stands in front of us and the Father only sees perfection. The HD vision looks only to Christ and He stands in front of us all the way to His kingdom.
May we confess our imperfections and allow Him to see us only in the perfect HD of Christ.

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