Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Adam Sandler, Family, and Reign over me

One of my recent favorite movies was "Reign over me." It was strangely refreshing because it did not have a "political" agenda, no real sexual immorality, and ended the movie with tension as opposed to solving all issues.

The movie is best summed up by mourning the loss of loved ones. Charles Fineman (Adam Sandler) meets up with his college roomate, Alan Johnson (Don Cheadle) randomly and they begin a unique friendship. Fineman seems to live a strange life (late nights, no job, remodels his kitchen each week, and no friends). And it was revealed that his wife and three girls were killed in the 9-11 attacks on the World Trade Center.

What was grasped perfectly was the deep pain Fineman was feeling even after the million dollar repayment and a number of years after the fact. It showed the deep love a father has for his children (especially his girls) and his wife. As a young parent myself, you felt as if you were in his shoes and wonder if I would be much different. Adam Sandler captured perfectly how our family is the essence of our existence, our wives are our better halves, and our children are such a gift that if they were gone one day, it would shake our world. Even if we sing "A Mighty Fortress" and sing with energy, "take my goods, wife, or spouse" Christ is still the center. Our whole world would be shattered.

All we can do is come to the Throne of Grace and ask God for strength for what comes next, and look to him for mercy when we need it.

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