Thursday, April 16, 2009

We're gonna win Twins and the culture of our world...

Tonight is going to be another awesome day on vacation...Twins game in a box suit! My brother-in-laws and myself will be attending the game against the Blue Jays. Unfortunately, the Twins are off to a rough start and last night they lost 12-2. Hopefully tonight will be different.

What is exciting and disappointing at the same time will be the number of fans. Exciting because nowhere else are you arond 15-20,000 people at one time for a common mission of cheering on your team. Disappointing because there is basically no connection between any of them, nor do they care about each other. Even more disappointing is that the church is meant to be that type of community, but people see the stadium as more inviting than the church.

Why do people find the stadium more inviting than church? Think about it. The staium if full of hypocrites, the games are at night when we need to rejuvinate for the next day, people are not real nice to each other, all they want is money, and nobody knows your name! Sound familar?

Let me know your thoughts of baseball and church!

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