Friday, April 17, 2009

The church and coffee shops...

I am currently reading, "Present Future" by Reggie McNeal. I am by no means endorsing his theology nor some of his prescriptions for the church. However, his diagnosis of the problem is dead on. He proposes that the church has the mentality of "Come and Get it" as opposed to "Go out and tell." So in essence, are we making programs that only invite people into our walls or are we out in the community discussing God and the importance of the Divine Service.

As I sit in Minnesota, with some R & R at a Caribou Coffee, I have already spoken to a few people about Easter and worship. When I am back in Wisconsin, there are a number of people who I dialogue with at the local pizza joint and coffee shops. It is fascinating how much people want to talk about God and discuss Jesus. Yet, the is tough work. The people have NO Biblical knowledge, no idea about the Divine Service, no idea of manners in worship, and do not have have the respect of the Office of the Ministry. It is crazy! But this is our current world, teaching, preaching, and serving will really have to dig deep in our future.

I am asking for prayers and thoughts on great ways to teach a whole new world! Christ is Risen!

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Chad Lakies said...

Good job Brady. We built a coffeehouse in our own sanctuary to do two things - provide a place to build relationships with people in an inviting environment where they didn't feel like we were shoving Jesus down their throats; and to be a entrepreneurial venture which would offset a lack of offerings and help cover ministry expenses. Our context allows both to work. But, even though we have a "cool" coffeehouse, we never attacted many students from the North Campus across the highway from the Medical campus we we're located. It's only a quarter of a mile or so as a divide, but that's huge in stopping them from just showing up to our "cool" place. So, we've been going to them every single week - God is bringing fruit from that. In this regard, McNeal is right.