Thursday, April 9, 2009

On the night he was betrayed...Holy Thursday

The "Trifecta" begins! It starts with great reverence and a powerful message on the Lord's supper (from Scripture, not from this joker) and with the stripping of the altar.

Our focus this evening is on "The Lamb of God who has mercy on us." When we think of mercy, it is usually pertained to a past action (helping someone in the time of need, the cross, etc). However, this night we focus on the past action of mercy, but also the continued act of mercy that He brings in a physical way: The Lord's Supper. He knew that we needed something physical to experience His mercy, and instituted the supper for us to view, taste, and touch His mercy among us!

God's Blessings as you partake in this precious gift of heaven this evening.

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