Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Lamb of God who suffered scorn...

For our last midweek service, we focused on Psalm 22:6-8. We especially looked at the criticism and scorn that Christ took for us.

How much do you enjoy being criticized? Do you like being unjustly accused of something? We especially despise people criticizing our faith. If someone judges Christianity and our beliefs, often we end up being the one's who submit or are just quiet.

I can just imagine Jesus on the cross, wrists and feet with nails, his back whipped beyond anything, looking at us and saying, "Are you kidding?" You are worried about your friends not liking you? Do you see what I Am doing?

God knew that we were the one's who fear being scorned, which is why He took the scorn for us. May we be faithful to our confession and stand up for our faith because our Lord has done it all for us!

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