Tuesday, April 7, 2009

North Carolina wins...so does our Lord...

What a year for North Carolina. 34-4 and a whole slew of talent that is unmatched in recent history. I totally marvel at the talents of Tyler
Hansbrough , Wayne Ellington, Ty Lawson and Danny Green who are all potential first round picks in the NBA. They basically man handled the cinderella Michigan state team and made many people stand in awe over their abilities. Especially when you saw how they conquered the boards.

What I find fascinating about our world is that we stand in awe over our college players, olympic swimmers, and NFL stars athletic abilities, but we rarely stand in awe of the stories of Christ. Just think about it, Tyler Hansobrough can dunk a basketball, but he has never healed people, walked on water, nor the ultimate of raising from the dead. Holy smokes do we need to refocus our priorities.

When we hear the Holy Week message again of the miracle of the Lord's supper, His death, and the glorious resurrection, how about we sit back in awe of our Lord's work! His work is not only amazing, but it is for us!

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