Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Baptismal Life & Vocation...Grandparents

This week my family is on vacation in Minnesota (the state my wife and I grew up in-Go Twins!). Things get pretty hectic on "vacation" with three little ones. We see both sides of the family, we have about 3 different gatherings with friends, all the while trying to keep 3 young one's one a schedule. We are pretty worn out by the time we drive back to Wisconsin.

Yet, there is one aspect that we appreciate more than anything on these trips: The Baptismal vocational calling that our parents take on as grandparents. As ones who raised us, they now take a back seat in our lives and take on the task of uplifting us as parents. Throughout our time in Minnesota, our parents share words of encouragement, give us time to spend together as a couple (something huge for young couples), and assist taking care of the kids. We thank God for both sides of our family.

Grandparenting is a major role, and unforunately, it sometimes get abused. Either the grandparents see themselves as "mini-parents" or they are totally neglectful of their children & grandchildren. I encourage all grandparents to take their vocations as a higher calling, especially to fight for the marriage of the parents by giving them time together. Mostly to see this vocation as something God has given you to do and to get it done to His glory!

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Say hi to your parents for me!