Monday, April 20, 2009

Confirmation week...

This is the last week of confirmation instruction with our youth confirming their faith this Sunday. This evening we met with each family and confirmand and discussed what they will be confessing before God and the church. What a great moment to sit with families and confirmands to discuss the Christian faith and God's grace in the future.

One moment struck me when with one student when I asked him, "Will you stay faithful to this confession, even to the point of death?" I went into describing Columbine 10 years ago and how that young gal admitted believing in Christ and then was shot. And I asked him, what would you do in that moment? Thet young man said, "I would stand up and proclaim Jesus."

Our youth amaze me more and more. We keep the confirmands in our prayers as they confess Christ and confirm their faith in the Evangelical Lutheran Church. Good stuff!

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