Friday, April 24, 2009

Small pool...huge refreshment...big promises

What an amazing day. 80 degrees, clear skies, and a day off with the family. Awesome!
Around 2:00 we realized how hot it was outside, so I ran off to Wal-Mart and bought it for $15. Then the endeavor began. The problem: It doesn't fit in a car. Amy brought the van, we took some rope to place it on top of the van, but a half a mile down the road, it almost fell off. We readjusted the tying, we drove slow and we got home. After all that joy filled ride, we made it home, filled it up and wow! The feeling of cool water on a hot day, especially after gardening all morning, was amazing. Cool, refreshing, and just fun.
When our girls got into the pool, I reminded them, "When did water cleanse you before?" They said, "Baptism." Everytime we get in water, may we remember what our Lord does every day: Cleansing in the Holy Spirit and renewal for our daily vocations! May God bless this Spring time in the Lord!

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