Sunday, April 26, 2009

Drafted number 1-"YOU!"

I love the NFL draft. The energy and excitement that each teams has before the big announcement of the number 1 pick, can not be explained. Each team has a party, the fans go nuts and tell everyone, "This is the year", and newspaper columnists run frantic to get the top story. Then the moment comes, "With the number 1 pick, the Detroit Lions select Matthew Stafford." He will forever go down in history as a number 1 pick (whether successful or not). The Lions have spent millions on this guy who hasn't taken a snap yet and he will always be under the spotlight. Unfortunately, the Detroit fans and newswriters will not be real forgiving unless he wins.

This is much like God's draft. He makes a big deal about our draft in Holy Baptism and when the water hits our head, he says, "I select you as my number one pick." He spent more than money on us, it was the blood of His Son and we will forever go down in history in His eyes as His children. We are in the spotlight, and although we will not always win (or ever), his forgiveness is real no matter the win nor the loss.

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