Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Eggs, Jelly Beans, & Bunnies. Where is the empty tomb?

My daughter woke up extra early this morning and we turned on the TV for Mickey Mouse Club House and they are celebrating Easter. Isn't that exciting? However, they equate Easter with eggs, jelly beans, and bunnies. I find that very interesting. As I reflect on my own life, when I would arrive home and visit other friends that is what Easter was equated too in our home and sometimes in my church.

As I have reflected on Easter, I become more disappointed, because almost 99.9% Easter is secularized. Just compare it to Christmas. Although Christmas is overran with consumerism, there are still many Christian symbols. We see Nativity Scenes, presents (same as the wise men), Christmas trees (thank you Martin Luther), and the star on top of the tree. However, when we walk around on Easter day, how many Christian symbols do we see? Besides the empty cross at our church and an occasional Empty Tomb, where is the symbolism?

What is even more interesting is how much we as a church take secular things (eggs, Bunnies, etc) and try to insert them into the church to make them religious. We will use "Gospel Eggs", explanations of bunnies, Easter egg hunts, and the like while inserting Jesus. My question is can we make up our own traditions that are just as much fun, but yet actually Christian? Can we go a year at our churches without eggs (which are from fertility gods) and bunnies?

Now don't misunderstand me, I am not saying that all eggs, bunnies, or whatever should be eliminated from people's homes, yet, when people enter the church what are we called to give them? Christ risen from the tomb.

I would like some input on the implications we will have as a church and as Christians if Christ is lost from Easter? Or if you want to argue that there are not any implications, please comment also.

God Bless as we await Christ's resurrection tomorrow morning!

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