Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wisconsin Dells and the winter grind...

This week we went to Wisconsin Dells (the money pit of resorts and waterparks in central Wisconsin). We had a great time with the extended family: swimming, sliding, playing, eating, and relaxing (as much as you can with 3 little kids). I was amazed at the sure number of people in each waterpark, especially ones with real little kids like ourselves.

I thought to myself, what were most of these individuals doing 10 years ago? If they would have been at a beach 10 years ago, how different would they have looked and acted? Obviously a more revealing swimsuit, probably would be on the prowl for the opposite sex, and doing many stupid things that caused problems. But now, they were chasing after little kids, wearing full body swimsuits, and more less cordial of other people. It is amazing how God changes our perspectives as we grow older and shows us the importance of the vocations that He gives us. May God bless all families in their vocations of parenting!

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