Sunday, February 1, 2009

Football, Rest, and Confessions...9th and 10th Commandments

"You shall not covet...."

How often have you wanted something that someone else has? House, car, Ipod, vacations, inheritance, etc. Recently, a pastor friend told me that a member left $210,000 to his church. Wow, did my coveting nature take over and wonder what we would do with that much money! We go through this problem all the time and if anyone says that they do not covet, they are more than anything, LYING.

I thought Luther brought up a great point in his explanation on manifestations of coveting:
"As (to give examples), when people quarrel and wrangle about a large inheritance, real estate, etc., they avail themselves of, and resort to, whatever has the appearance of right, so dressing and adorning everything that the law must favor their side, and they keep the property with such title that no one can make complaint or lay claim thereto. 302] In like manner, if any one desire to have a castle, city, duchy, or any other great thing, he practises so much financiering through relationships, and by any means he can, that the other is judicially deprived of it, and it is adjudicated to him, and confirmed with deed and seal and declared to have been acquired by princely title and honestly."

How many times have families split due to inheritance issues where families attempt to get more money out of their parent's will? This is why it is important for families to have a well spelled out will and talks to their children about their decision.

We need a constant reminder of all the gifts we currently have (family, shelter, food, etc). Our ego constantly needs to look past our wants and see all the things that are truly a blessing. Just think about it, if we looked around at our surroundings and those who around us. Wow, has the Lord blessed us way beyond anything we can imagine. May that be our focus and may we give thanks to our Lord for all that He gives (undeservedly!).
Lord have mercy!

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