Friday, February 13, 2009

Community Prayer service in an LCMS church

Over the last few months our community has been greatly affected by the economy. Many families have lost jobs and even more question if they will have a job tomorrow. When the economy goes down, many different things have strain (health, marriages, parenting, etc).

In response of this, we are going to have a "Community" prayer service to lift up these concerns to our Triune God. "Community" not in the sense of all local pastors of various denominations take part, but community in the sense that we are trying to get the word out to the community to attend. It will be led by myself and another LCMS pastor. We have invited all of our preschool families (around 95 families), posted it in the local newspapers, and we have spoken to a number of businesses in town about the service.

The service will be very simple (scripture, hymns, and time for prayer). Our focus will be on the Lord bringing His Spirit to provide strength and also for us to come empty handed to trust in His unending grace.

Lord have mercy

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