Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Lutheran Study Bible is coming...everyone should have it!

When I sent my sermon over to church this morning, I received an update on the new Bible from CPH called, "The Lutheran Study Bible", which will be available next fall. Looking at the examples online, this is going to be awesome.

All the footnotes, commentaries, and cross-references are from Lutherans. But not just any Lutherans, the cream of the crop in study of the Scriptures throughout Christendom. And the version is English Standard Version (ESV), which is probably the most accurate to the original languages and still has a flow that goes beyond the likes of King James.

I am excited to see how God works through this. I have been greatly blessed by Treasury of Daily Prayer and I believe that this Bible will bless our Synod beyond anything we can imagine.

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Paul McCain said...

Thanks for mentioning The Lutheran Study Bible.