Monday, February 16, 2009

End Times-the wrap up...

Tomorrow night we wrap up our End times Bible Study. It has truly been a blessing for me to dig into the truths of Scripture and discuss certain aspects of the resurrection. This week we kind of pull it all together and point to our hope today. I am amazed at how often the discussions can easily turn to worrying about when it will happen, what are the signs, who is the anti-Christ, am I a pre-trib, premillenial guy or amillenial, and the whole discussion turns away from the cross. One of the greatest discussions on this is from Dr. Joel Bierman of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis on ITunes (Christian doctrine class) concerning the Rapture. He focuses the students away from comparing different end times views and looking to the cross first and filtering it out from there.

May our eyes always be fixed on Jesus (Hebrew 12)

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