Tuesday, February 3, 2009

How do we uplift a Pro-Life theology in the church?

Rev. Dr. David Adams in his booklet, "Implementing a Pro-life theology in a Lutheran congregation", explains that a striking majority of LCMS congregations support pro-life. Yet, almost all congregations are in danger of losing that position in the near future. This would be due to a desire to believe it, but not talk about it or do anything!

This is a major problem. Most LCMS pastors are staunchly pro-life, but very few are active in advocacy (pulpit or in the community). This is where our theology does not match our practice. If someone was murdering people daily, would we attempt to stop it? I sure hope so! But for some reason, we think this is different. So what do we do?

Number 1: Proclaim it in the pulpit & Bible Studies (don't be afraid to say the real word for abortion: murder)
Number 2: Connect the church to opportunities for advocacy (hotlines, homes, and support groups for single mothers)
Number 3: Proclaim forgiveness and make the church as a place that will help us find a solution

Dr. Adams booklet from Lutherans for Life is a great help. I am always looking for ways to uplift life in the church and would love more insight on what to do for the life of the defendless.

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