Thursday, February 5, 2009

Read the Bible in a month? The Holy Spirit works...

Our head elder made a goal at the new year to read the whole Bible. Pretty common for most people. They will typically make the goal, grab a "daily" Bible, and by the time February rolls around, the Bible starts to gather dust. However, not in this case. He started in January and by February 3rd, he was done with the whole Bible. Wow!

He made the comment, "I sure do feel the Holy Spirit working." And he is right. When we are in the Word, the Holy Spirit is at work. The emotions that we may feel from that are always FROM Scripture and not outside of it. Many in today's world look to feelings first. However, we know the feelings are from the Holy Spirit when we are in the Word!

Our head elder has inspired me to get back into the Word and my prayer is that all of us may make a goal to read the Holy Scriptures, not for our own piety, but so that the Holy Spirit may be working.

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