Thursday, January 8, 2009

Frustrated gym member....joyful in Christ!

This is the most frustrating time of year for all people who work out at the gym year round. The dreaded New Year's crew flood into the gym with New Year's resolutions and a desire to take your favorite treadmill. There is nothing more annoying than when you get to a normal schedule, you always have a chance to get on a machine, and do your own thing, then BAM! Everything is packed and you have to wait to work out. Man!

I must confess this is a very egotistical view of life. What did I just become the most important person in the YMCA? There are many people who need to healthy and in better shape and what better place than the Y to get that done.

Many times we get this way in the church. "That person is in my pew" "I liked it better when we had less people" "The person next to me sang too loud." These are common statements in the church, which is a good thing it is God's church and he offers His gracious forgiveness. No one in the church if better than the next, no one has any right to stand up with pride for what they have done, but we all join together in the place to receive His undeserving gifts. That is the best place to be!

Lord have mercy

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