Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The "Duh!" statement of the year...

An article this morning in the Milwaukee Journal proclaimed this statement with vigor:

"Exercise partner can help keep workouts on track"

"DUH!" Are they saying that it helps to have someone work out with you as opposed to go by yourself? That would seem to be painstakingly obvious to a monkey. Of course, if someone keeps you accountable and pushes you to do that extra 5 minutes on the treadmill or that extra 2 reps, you will be more successful. Yet, in order for this to continually make headlines in the paper, magazines, and the internet tells us one thing: THERE ARE STILL PEOPLE OUT THERE WHO NEED TO HEAR IT!

This article really makes me think about our role as a church. Every Sunday we are called to repeat a message that often makes even our own members say, "DUH! Of course Jesus died for our sins, doesn't everyone know that? Can you tell us something different, because we have already heard that enough!"

Yet, the more I preach this precious Gospel of Christ, I continually see the need as I hear people remind me of the sting of original sin and the lack of hope in their lives. And as many search for that hope and comfort from pop-Christianity and pseudo-motivational preaching, tells us one thing: THERE ARE STILL PEOPLE OUR THERE WHO NEED TO HEART IT!

At St. John's Lutheran, North Prairie, be ready! Because we are those kind who make the "Duh!"
statement of the year over and over, "Jesus Christ has purchased and won you, not with gold or silver, but with his precious blood and innocent suffering and death." This message will continue because WE ALL NEED TO HEAR IT!

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