Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Invocation at the Inauguration...what do you think?

After much controversy, Rick Warren gave the invocation at the inauguration of our new President, Barack Obama. IF you heard it, what did you think?

He seemed to do as good of a job as a Christian pastor could do at a "civic" event. He spoke of God our Father, ask for strength for the president, prayed in the name of Jesus, and then ended it with the Lord's Prayer. Actually, it was much better than I would have expected.

I always find it interesting when a pastor uses the prayers basically as an announcement. For example, Rick Warren said something like this, "We come this day to celebrate our first African American President and what an example as a boy of an African Immigrant can make it to the top leadership position." Is this calling up to God or just giving information to the crowd?

Overall, a faithful prayer. May our pastors ALWAYS proclaim Christ in all things!

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