Monday, January 12, 2009

Baptism of our Lord Sunday-A great reaction

Yesterday we celebrated Baptism of Lord Sunday. For the first time we placed the Baptismal Font in the "front" of church as people walked into the church. What a feeling it was to placed your fingers in the water and walk into the church with water running down your forehead as a reminder of my own Baptism. It reminded me again that the Lord is not done with me yet!

The congregation seemed to react very well to the "Catholic" ritual. And I emphasized in my sermon that as the Baptismal font is in the way as we enter church, our Baptism tends to get in the way when the Old Adam tries to point us away from the Lord! I realize time and time again where the Holy Spirit has turned me back when I was about to be a moment from destruction. What a gracious God we have!

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