Saturday, January 24, 2009

Men's Bible Study started today...

This morning we had our first Men's Bible Study in a number of years. It went very well, we had 12 guys and started to study I Thessalonians. The best part was that I didn't lead it. One of our men who has taught confirmation for many years is heading up the study and is doing a great job. I enjoy being the promoter and supporter and doing things that I would love people to do for me.

These kinds of Bible Studies are in dire need. Especially ones that focus on Christ and not the newest fad (how to live or be more touchy feely). Our churches need men to be men. We need men to be leaders. We need men to study the Word and lead our churches to hear and know of a manly Christ who has done it all. If anyone out there is doing men's groups successfully, I would love more advice.

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