Sunday, January 11, 2009

God wanted Florida to win?

With all of the Jesus talk from Tim Tebow, many people might be under the impression that God has chosen the Florida Gators to be national champs because they have a Christian quarterback. Hmmmm...

Can we say that Florida won because of a Christian quarterback or that they were more faithful to God? Better not start that kind of mentality.

However, this is important concerning vocation. God has called Tim Tebow to be the best quarterback and to treat those around him with respect and also to witness his faith. When given the opportunity to witness his faith, he does it, and when given the chance to help his neighbor he has done it also. This shows that God has called him to the best at what he does, and that has lead to his team being national champs!

Hopefully, God calls Adam Weber to the same calling next year at Minnesota! :-)

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