Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Throwing and ministry

In my former life, I was a thrower. A.k.a. I was in track and field and threw the discus, shotput, and a little hammer. It was a blast. Great friends and wonderful memories.

However, when life comes at ya the former life becomes less and less of a focus (family and kids). This is my vocation God has given and if coaching takes a back seat, then so be it.

Yet, what does God bring from our passions into ministry? Could I be more involved with my passion of throwing and it being part of ministry? Who knows. I'm not saying I work more on throwing/coaching than ministry, but can it be done?

As pastors, often we begin to see ministry as me and the church. Hours upon hours only with people in the church, little time with people in the community, and little time in places that pastors don't usually hang out at. But why do we do this? For the kingdom of God? To fulfill a job description? Or out of being uncomfortable with the world that surrounds us?

May the Lord use us in our passions, to build relationships, serve our community, and proclaim the name of Christ

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