Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A different name, same place?

During our time in St. Louis an interesting thing happened...we went to a place called, "Saint Louis Bread Co." You walk into this place that one has never heard of outside of St. Louis and it is strikingly similar to another bread company in Wisconsin: Panera. Yet, the name is different. In Missouri the name is St. Louis Bread Company, but everywhere else, it is Panera.
Why would this be? Evidently, the owners of Bread Co figured out that the name St. Louis would not fly in Chicago, so they named it something different in other parts of the country. Good marketing move.
What is your name in the world? Happy, friendly, a jerk? Everywhere in our world, the name that best sums us up is....sinner. This name was not a good marketing name for God, so He decided to make the move to change our name in front of Him through Christ so that we are no longer sinner, but now saint because of Christ. Think of that next time you eat at Panera (or St. Louis if you live there).

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